More animal higgledy piggledy

The higgledy piggledy poems return… (The first higgledy piggledy post is here.) Once again I have not quite followed all the rules.


Parental care

Tentacled vermiform

mother caecilian

what simple kindness your

offspring must lack:



eating their mama’s own

skin for a snack!

Yellow-striped caecilian. Photo by Kerry Matz*

Yellow-striped caecilian. Photo by Kerry Matz*

Caecilians are a kind of amphibian. Some caecilians feed their babies by growing a special layer of skin that the babies then eat. (Hey, is it really any weirder than what we mammals do to feed our babies?) All caecilians have little tentacles on their faces. See, goofy poetry is so educational!

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Higgledy piggledy, zoologistically

Recently my mom sent me this link to a collection of “higgledy piggledy” (or “double dactyl”) poems. These poems are a bit like limericks, in that they are short, catchy, and usually silly. Since several of the poems were science-y, I thought I’d write some zoologically themed ones of my own. (I didn’t follow the form perfectly, but I did my best.)

Also: fear not, this does not mark the beginning of this becoming Katie’s Nature Poetry Blog. Tough Little Birds’ regular scientific programming will resume shortly.



High-soaring leglessness

floating through canopy:

fast transportation with

no way to brake.


he’s a mere glider but

anyway we say he’s

“flying,” this snake.

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