More animal higgledy piggledy

The higgledy piggledy poems return… (The first higgledy piggledy post is here.) Once again I have not quite followed all the rules.


Parental care

Tentacled vermiform

mother caecilian

what simple kindness your

offspring must lack:



eating their mama’s own

skin for a snack!

Yellow-striped caecilian. Photo by Kerry Matz*

Yellow-striped caecilian. Photo by Kerry Matz*

Caecilians are a kind of amphibian. Some caecilians feed their babies by growing a special layer of skin that the babies then eat. (Hey, is it really any weirder than what we mammals do to feed our babies?) All caecilians have little tentacles on their faces. See, goofy poetry is so educational!



Jewel-bright hummingbird

aerial wizard with

sword-like proboscis and

insectile buzz:

Even the gems of the

avian kingdom start

out, from the egg, just a

beak with some fuzz.

Hummingbird chicks. Photo by Cathy Cole*

Hummingbird chicks. Photo by Cathy Cole*



Big-eyed and gracile, you

thought of the children, a


Thompson’s gazelle.

Nursing your own fawn, then


dinner for lion cubs

after you fell.

Thompson's gazelle and fawn. Photo by roger smith*

Thompson’s gazelle and fawn. Photo by roger smith*



O! Caprimulgiform

wide-smiling Oilbird

living on fruit in your

cave dark with night:

high-pinging chirps give you

echolocation but

would’t not be nice to just

live in the light?

Oilbird. Photo by barloventomagico*

Oilbird. Photo by barloventomagico*

(More information on the Oilbird’s ability to echolocate is at the end of this post.)

*Photos obtained from Flickr and used via Creative Commons. Many thanks to these photographers for using Creative Commons!

2 thoughts on “More animal higgledy piggledy

  1. Tell me, can tortoises become dehydrated?
    This one’s oblivious most of the time,
    Ignores his water dish (unless he’s spilling it):
    Harder to care for than tease in a rhyme.

    (He’s an enigma
    Inside an aquarium
    Not really fluffy,
    Although that’s his name.)

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