About Tough Little Birds

(If you found a baby bird and don’t know what to do, click here.)

Tough Little Birds is a blog about my research on how Dark-eyed Juncos (the bird pictured in the blog header) adapt to changing environments at high elevations. Sometimes I write about my research specifically; sometimes I write about other things that fall into my areas of interest, such as animal behavior, evolutionary biology, and birds.

In the spring and summer I am out in the mountains doing field work, so posts tend to focus on my observations of the juncos, the challenges and surprises of field work, and lots of pictures of the juncos I catch. I also post about “bycatch,” other species of birds that we catch accidentally. (Don’t worry, all birds are released after capture.)

When I’m not in the field I write about things like lab work, other people’s research, and science generally. The Featured Paper series discusses scientific papers that I think are interesting. The Think Like A Scientist series covers some scientific concepts that are important for everyone to know, even if the closest you come to doing research is reading about it in the newspaper or watching birds out your window.

The linked words above will take you to relevant posts or series of posts. If you’re looking to try out the blog, here are a few more posts you might like:

Some science-y posts—

Some junco posts—

11 thoughts on “About Tough Little Birds

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  2. Thank you for all the fascinating articles you wrote! Your wonderful blog is indeed the inspiration for me to start my own a few days ago and to write about nature and science too.

  3. Hi Katie – My Juncos are nesting in the ground, but in the ground of my hanging planter. I heard the commotion yesterday and went out to find the nest empty (they just hatched 4/30/16). I found all 4 babies on the ground and put them back in the nest. Both mom and dad have been feeding still. Then, this morning I was watching while 2 other birds came by (I’m not a birder so they could have been other sparrows or even starlings) but they started tossing the babies out again! I scared them off but now I’m watching more closely. Is there a barrier I can put up? I sent you a connect request on LinkedIn :-)

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