This is fun. Is fun the right word?

I’m waiting to find out if my big grant proposal will be rejected without review on an über-technicality.

Hold on while I refresh my email again… nope, still no news.

The error was a small omission of part of a section; basically a poor copy-paste job. It wasn’t my error, but I should have caught it before submitting, as should about eight other people involved in this process – some of whose job description is to catch technical errors in grant proposals, none of whom did – but in the end it’s my proposal, and I’m the one who should have caught it.

I may be allowed to fix the error, or I may be rejected on the spot, without even any helpful feedback (which is half the reason to apply for these things – even if you don’t get the funding, the feedback is valuable).

Isn’t this fun? Suspense! (whimper) Hold on while I refresh my email again…