This webcomic gets it

As a scientist, I can’t exactly claim to to be underserved by the webcomic community. xkcd does nerdy jokes, including ones about biologists and birds; Hark A Vagrant occasionally covers historical scientists like Rosalind Franklin and Charles Darwin (twice); and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal often delves into evolutionary biology, with takes ridiculousentertaining, and sometimes a bit too real.

Still, before today, I had never seen an ornithological behavioral ecology comic. (Talk about niche audiences.)

Thank you, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, for filling this hole in my life.

(Original comic webpage here.)

5 thoughts on “This webcomic gets it

  1. This is one of my four favourite online comics and the one that updates most frequently. They have a book out this year. I urge people to buy it if only to recompense them for such great entertainment given for free.

      • So SMBC is up in the lead with its philosophical and scientific insights and dark humour. Next is Powernap. This is a graphic novel, unfolding in irregular posts for about three years. It’s drawn by a Mexican guy and is a surreal dystopian and funny narrative. These two I share with my 11year old son. The two others have clear sexual themes and as such will not be to everyone’s taste, and will offend some. One, which I often find laugh out loud funny, is described as starting out as pornography and descending into satire, As it happens both are drawn by different female Canadian artists. Neither is, I think, gender biased or exploitative, which would offend me, nor titillating, which would bore me. Still I hesitate to put links on someone else’s site without permission, as this is an area where people have strong feelings. I have been thinking of discussing these comics on my own blog sometime in any case.
        I like comics with grown up themes. SMBC is the closest I’ve found to this. I’ve found very few others.

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