Find the nest

Juncos nest on the ground, which might seem dangerous: ground nests are more accessible to predators than nests in trees. However, a nest in a tree is certain to be, well, somewhere in a tree; a nest on the ground could be anywhere. The ground of a forest or meadow or even a campground is a complex surface, with lots and lots of places where a junco nest could be, only a very tiny fraction of which actually contain a junco nest.

In this series of “Find the nest” posts, I’m going to try to share with you the challenge of looking at a habitat and guessing where a junco nest might be, and the excitement of finding a well-hidden nest. Each post will have a slide show of photos, beginning with a zoomed-out image of a fairly large area, and progressively zooming in to eventually reveal the junco nest. All of the photos are from my field work and are of real wild junco nests.

Use the back and forward arrows and the pause button to navigate the slide show.

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4 thoughts on “Find the nest

  1. Thanks–that was great! I have lots and lots of juncos all around my property in southern Oregon and I’m going to do a nest hunt this year. Will they nest in a spot that gets next to no sun? I have a woods that is pretty dense. Thanks again for your website.

  2. wonderful!! I have a huge amount of junco’s at my place in BC each spring and summer,,,,,,,, it would be great to find a nest, I have not to date,,,,,,,, my property is on 30 acres, so I could be searching for a while, lol,,,,,,,,

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