The slow, slimy style of snails

It doesn’t rain very often here, but when it does, the snails come out in force. I’ve always liked snails and their ilk; as a kid I kept slugs as pets. Unfortunately I think the snails here are brown garden snails, an invasive species.

snails1Sinister invaders or not, like any snails they’re surprisingly engaging to watch. Bumpy skin, patterned shells, eyes on stalks, and total flexibility give a lot of opportunities for expression.


I put any hammerhead shark to shame

Small snail, medium snail, large snail

Small snail, medium snail, large snail


The little one looks nervous


Little one peering under a leaf. You can peer really well with snail anatomy.

Do the snail twist


Double decker snail

Double decker snail


Wait, where are you going?


Wait for me!



9 thoughts on “The slow, slimy style of snails

    • I think it is, but haven’t been able to find a taxonomic key online, so take that with a grain of salt. They are considered a pest, based on the fact that when I tried to find a taxonomic key, all I found instead was advice for gardeners on how to kill them! They’re the only snails I’ve seen around here, so if they are the invasive European species, they seem to be handily outcompeting the natives.

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