Pigeon art

I’ve previously discussed how scientists are interested in pigeons’ ability to perceive art. A New York City artist has taken this to its logical conclusion and created an art installation for pigeons.


The pigeons appear to approve:

Although possibly they are not yet familiar with the standard art museum rule “Don’t knock into the art, even if you are startled.”

Or, hey, maybe pigeon art is more interactive than human art. Who am I to judge?

(This art is by “Mother Pigeon” Tina Piña Trachtenburg. According to her website, she makes this art to encourage humans to appreciate pigeons—but she’s probably just saying that to avoid the scandal of admitting that she bribes her actual target audience with birdseed.)

Thanks to Maggie LaBarbera for the photo and videos!

3 thoughts on “Pigeon art

  1. I have a terrace garden in NYC and eighteen different bird types have visited it. Most recently a robin has come, and now it appears his “child” wants to visit too! I came across your blog when I was researching some of the behavior that is going on with the father and “child.” After I read what you’ve written about this situation, I poked around your blog and found your entry on Tina AKA Mother Pigeon. I’ve also written about her, and I thought you might find it interesting, given how I found you!

    My entry about Tina is on my Facebook Page, The Last Leaf Gardener @ https://www.facebook.com/TheLastLeafGardener/posts/814683618581013

    Nice to meet you here in cyber-space!

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