Butterflies on corn lilies

2013_butterflies_blue2One morning when we were target-netting a female named IKIA, the field of corn lilies in which she had hidden her nest seemed to be full of butterflies.

2013_butterflies_redspots1I like the curves of the corn lily leaves and the fuzziness and patterns of the butterflies.


2013_butterflies_redspots2That butterfly was right above IKIA’s nest:

Butterfly in the top right, nest in the middle.

Butterfly in the top right, nest in the middle.

IKIA's nest

IKIA’s nest

6 thoughts on “Butterflies on corn lilies

  1. As is often the case with the photos you post, they look particularly wonderful if I click on them to enlarge. What a fetching butterfly, with furry face, big dark eye, and striped antennae: those details appear once the image is enlarged. Does this mean Juncos don’t eat them?

    • Yes, I really like the blue one – he looks like a Martian wearing a fur-lined hood.

      Somebody eats the butterflies; we often found detached wings on the ground, suggesting birds were pulling off the distasteful wings and eating the rest. I never saw a junco do so, though.

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