Search term adventures!

Sometimes people type words into Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other nonsense words masquerading as search engines. Sometimes those words lead them to my blog. Here are some search terms that I think would make sense for leading people to Tough Little Birds: “animal behavior,” “dark eyed junco,” “scary birds,” “bird science blog,” etc.

Here is what people are actually searching to end up at my blog: “is a gecko a bird.”

So, as I blog to please you, dear readers, I will now attempt to respond to some of the actual search terms that have led people to TLB.

Q: is a gecko a bird

A: No. Both geckos and birds are reptiles, though, if that makes you feel better.

Q: what do birds look like

A: Birds look like tiny dinosaurs all covered in feathers, like so:

Female Brewer’s Blackbird

Except sometimes they look like other objects all covered in feathers. For example, this one looks like a baseball all covered in feathers:

Dark-eyed Junco nestling

Q: will a house wren leave her babies if human

I don’t know of any cases of House Wrens transforming, selkie-like, into humans. However I would speculate that if a House Wren did turn into a human, she would still try to care for her babies, as even humans can see that baby House Wrens are adorable:

Nestling House Wren

Alternatively, if you’re asking whether a House Wren would leave her babies if the babies were human, I would guess that yes, she would. A House Wren is much smaller than a human baby and might get crushed by it, so I don’t think she would stick around.

Q: junco, spirit animal meaning

A: A junco as spirit animal indicates that you should avoid guillotines and axes, as the junco’s dark hood suggests that you may be subconsciously drawn to executioners.

Caveat: I don’t actually know what a spirit animal is.

Q: why i cant enter giant nest

A: I don’t see any reason why you can’t enter a giant nest. However, you might want to to first check that it does not belong to a giant spider, a giant bird of prey, giant ants, or… on second thought, maybe you shouldn’t enter the giant nest.

Okay! I hope that was helpful, search engine searchers!

13 thoughts on “Search term adventures!

    • Glad you liked it! I’m happy to put them to use, since as you say, they’re not doing much good as actual search terms. It makes me rather sad to think of those people who come to the blog, skim it, and go “ugh, this isn’t about junco spirit animals at all! What a waste!”

  1. 😂
    LOL I was looking for junco spirit animal and I didn’t find this a waste at all, but rather delightful! Thanks for the cheery read-

    PS- yes, I originally was disturbed by all these tiny executioner birds that decided to take over my feeder. But spirit meaning of them is quite encouraging. They are indeed tough little birds!

    PPS Thanks for the adorbs baby bird pics.

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