Baby gecko update 2

The baby crested geckos are almost three months old now. Both hatched at 1.9 grams; October now weighs 3.3 g, which isn’t bad. (Geckos have a rather different growth rate than juncos, you’ll notice: juncos hatch at about 2 g and are at 3+ the next day!)


October again

October climbs and jumps and looks alert, and hasn’t had too much trouble shedding. He’s doing well.

Unfortunately, May isn’t. She is now 1.7 g, smaller than when she hatched. She has at least one visible developmental abnormality, so she may have invisible ones as well, that make it harder for her to eat or grow.

May looking not too bad, just skinny—but note the enlarged left eye.

May’s way-too-big eye. She also lost some toes in a bad shed.

I’m not terribly optimistic about her, but I certainly haven’t given up. She is alert and has, after all, survived this long. Her enlarged eye is weird but it isn’t infected or anything like that, and there’s a chance that as she grows bigger (if she starts growing!) she’ll catch up with it.

It makes you appreciate how well development works most of the time!


5 thoughts on “Baby gecko update 2

    • Yeah, shedding isn’t a big deal once they get bigger, but when they’re little the skin can stick to them and shrink as it dries, constricting little bits like tails and toes. May was the second to hatch.

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