Disheveled bycatch

I’m getting behind on my bycatch posts! These birds were all accidentally caught on the last trip, not the current one.

Mountain Chickadee:

I’m so angry at you that my wing and my tail are becoming one! This is my superpower!

Also I am biting you. This is my other superpower.

I hate you.

Pacific-slope (I think?) Flycatcher:

I’m really cute.

Look how cute these whiskers are. You should probably just let me go.

Okay, how about: I have eggs/babies to keep warm! Let me go now!

The obligatory Yellow-rumped Warbler:

It’s me.

And it’s you.



Swainson’s Thrush:

Curses upon you!!

And your mother!

Writhe in agony at my attack!


And that’s not even all of them! See the next post for the last two.

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