Baby gecko update

Okay, this is still not research-related but I have such good photos of these little guys that I’m going to pretend that this is educational—because genetics, or something.

Besides, you know you were wondering what color May was under her first shed! Here it is:


Crazily enough, I think this is her not fired up: her paler form. Compare with her brother:

October (left) and May, both still shedding

Here they are fired up:



Acting like siblings

These guys are not only full siblings but fraternal twins (in that they were laid at the same time—they were in separate eggs), and incubated in the exact same conditions for almost the exact same amount of time. Both weigh 1.9 grams. Yet they look nothing alike! Plus, recall that their mother is a nearly patternless cream color, and their father is olive and grey with spots. Family resemblance? None that I can see.


5 thoughts on “Baby gecko update

  1. I’m puzzled that they are not yet eating. Sounds as if their nervous sytem behaves like a computer that takes a long time to boot up after it’s turned on: maybe some brain patterns still being completed, in response to environment? –a non-scientisst

  2. This is an area I don’t know much about either, but I’d guess it’s a combination of motor skills needing to be developed outside the egg, where the geckos can move, and selection for hatching as early as possible, before all energy stores have been used up and maybe before they’re entirely ready to eat. I suspect a hatchling is safer from predators than an egg, given its cryptic color and ability to run/leap away.

  3. Thanks for the pictures! It was educational looking at the variety of colors geckos can be – and I learned that they can change color! What makes them get “fired up”? Also, how much interaction do they have with their mother and with each other?

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