Scouting Sierra—or not

I had planned to visit Sierra National Forest as well as Stanislaus; but it turned out that Sierra was more closed (due to snow) than I expected. The few campgrounds open were in a very heavily built-up area, lots of gated estates and resorts. I was torn: I wanted to scout Sierra, but this was clearly not the part of Sierra I would be working in.

On the other hand, the first Stanislaus campground I had visited seemed like a likely site for future field work, and I had seen a junco there. Just one; but I knew he was there. If I went back I could try to resight him, observe him, and try to figure out what breeding stage he was at. In the end I decided to do that, so I headed back for Stanislaus.

On the drive I saw another pair of Western Bluebirds and a jackrabbit.

Please don't pull over to look at me

I also saw some non-wild fauna.

The ovine breeding stage scientifically known as the "adorable" stage

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